Who are we

The Irmãos Salgueiro route reflects the path followed over 25 years. Dynamic and entrepreneurial, it is currently market leader in the transformation of hearses in Portugal and Angola. Situated in Vila Nova de Gaia, the company has a team of specialized technicians in various departments, demanding rigor, competence and professionalism in all areas of the structure.

Irmãos Salgueiro Present and Future

Trained by continuous investments in equipment and human resources over the years, the company is now a modern and competitive organization. Reference within its segment and institutionally recognized for the quality of its projects and fulfill their obligations.

The Irmãos Salgueiro assert itself across borders, conquering new markets and partners, reviewing the national dimension the solid foundation of a brand that exports, above all, a comprehensive and high quality product.

Exhibitions list

1999 – ExpoFuner, 2º Saläo Internacional de Arte Sacra (Porto, PORTUGAL)
2001 – ExpoFuner, 3º Saläo Internacional de Arte Sacra (Porto, PORTUGAL)
2007 – V Feira Funergal Expourense (Ourense, ESPANHA)
2008 – I Saläo Internacional do Sector Funerário, Ambifuner 2008 (Loures, PORTUGAL)
2010 – VI Feira Funergal Expourense (Ourense, ESPANHA)
2012 – II Saläo Internacional do Sector Funerário, Ambifuner 2012 (Lisboa, PORTUGAL)
2012 – VII Feira Funergal Expourense (Ourense, ESPANHA)
2014 – VIII Feira Funergal Expourense (OURENSE, ESPANHA)
2015 – XIII Feira Internacional Funermostra (Valência, ESPANHA)
2016 – I Edição Expo Funerária (Batalha, PORTUGAL)
2016 – IX Feira Funergal Expourense (OURENSE, ESPANHA)
2017 – II Edição Expo Funerária (Batalha, PORTUGAL)
2019 – III Edição Expo Funerária (Batalha, PORTUGAL)