Quality and Certification

The management of Irmãos Salgueiro is committed to compliance with legal, contractual and regulatory requirements associated with their products and services provided. The company is currently developing a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of institutional norms, in order to:

Acting according to these principles, the company seeks to achieve form a team of competent professionals and an increasingly strong and plural organization, with the objective of continuing need to be a leader in their market, betting for this purpose:

The company turn it is experienced and competent partner in the field of design and consulting. Mirror that is the investment made in the property registration of its mark in the European Patenting the design of one of its models in production, and certification processes and schemes as the basis adapted will crematory urn at Eça of its vehicles.

The rigor and discipline in the company's management are imperative to the success they have achieved it, the result is the recent commitment of Irmãos Salgueiro in obtaining the prize SME Leader.

The Irmãos Salgueiro is the only company in its sector with the professional transformer certificate Renault | Dacia.