The company promotes the sharing of knowledge between associative entities within the funeral industry. supporting themselves on the basis that together we are stronger, the Irmãos Salgueiro see the dynamism and power of other lutuosas associations as a vehicle for the dissemination and fight rights and values.

The same value is extended to other producers or service providers, encouraging the creation of a network multi valences that streamline the sector and collective growth.

Currently Irmãos Salgueiro annually exports 30% of its turnover, effecting it to countries like Angola, Mozambique, France and Cabo Verde. Since 2010 maintains a monthly production constancy of new transformations in 3 units. Despite leading the domestic market, the company plans to increase its production capacity by 60% in the short / medium term, due to the growing interest and demand for its new products. Statistically, Salgueiro Brothers managed to register in 2016 more than 200 units produced its FR1 model, whose 1st generation was launched in 2007, making it the best-selling vehicle funeral ever in Portugal.