It founded the Carroçarias Irmãos Salgueiro, Lda., A family oriented company for the design and construction of hearses. In this area, due to the exponential rise of new funeral homes in the country and the small number of specialized producers in the funeral area, the company sees quickly monetized your bet. Prepare a structure and a team that allows you to grow year after year.


Headquartered in Canelas, Vila Nova de Gaia, the company sees adjusted their effort and commitment to national recognition. Can improve their facilities and increase the number of employees.


The company is present in his first exhibition, Expofuner in Porto, an exhibition recognized throughout the country for excellence in disclosure lutuosos products and services. Depending on their experience and knowledge, the company diversifies in options within the automotive sector, asserting itself increasingly by modernity and irreverence of their products.


Marked by a period of growth the company changes its facilities - Serzedo, Vila Nova de Gaia. It has a larger area of ​​production and new resources adjusted to its activity. This investment results in a significant improvement in responsiveness, as well as a growing and solid reflection in turnover.


Alceu Salgueiro takes the lead of the company, after acquiring the portion of the company owned by his brother. The he joins a new administration, which includes Paula Salgueiro. Together define and implement another investment strategy, focused on modernization and promotion of business across borders. The goal becomes the export and brand enhancement.


It is the first automobile processing company in its segment to be represented in a specialized event outside of Portugal, Funergal in Spain. As turning point, the company has the first funerary vehicle production of the parent series, Model FR1 on Mercedes-Benz chassis. Due to its growing international statement the company begins exporting its products to countries such as Angola, Mozambique and France.


Propping up the organization and know-how acquired, the company brings to market the first funeral limousine four seats fully produced in Portugal, Uranus. This year also creates two models for production and remove their vehicles religious symbols traditionally built, breaking the cultural barrier will set years.


In its 20th anniversary celebration the company redefines its approach to new markets, dividing its product offering in series of models and introducing in production the study of new, more resistant and sophisticated materials and composites. As a national brand image focuses on stability in innovation, focusing on areas such as design and new technologies. It is elected this year by a French magazine's specialty, the 7th best funeral transformation of the world of business, taking with turnover increase of the company status leader in its sector.


The Irmãos Salgueiro acquires Duarte & Eugénio company, one of the most recognized and listed companies car specialized processing at national level. Headquartered in Pedroso, Vila Nova de Gaia, the company has at its disposal the best infrastructure, human resources and equipment, thus joining, the future vision of both institutions. Launching a concept hitherto pioneer in Portugal - white editions - leading to the creation of a set of fully painted vehicles white, antagonizing with black, the color historically linked to grief and loss.

Inaugurates a design department and project focused on creating unique and customized vehicles - Creative Lab - point of origin of future models ICELAND and R Concept.


The company establishes a partnership with Renault in the creation of an exclusive range of specialist professional vehicles, born of the merger MOON model. Comes the launch of Mercedes-Benz chassis "most luxurious Portuguese funerary vehicle" a new impetus premium concept in the domestic sector. The company stands out increasingly in Angola, working with the largest companies lutuosas that country, expanding the Iberian Peninsula and Central Europe, making the target more than 30% of its production. Creation of the brand "Irmãos Salgueiro".


Launch of the FR2 model in Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis and model Impala in Toyota chassis.


Launch of the second generation FR1 model in Mercedes-Benz Vito chassis. It comes after more than a year of design and cross-involvement of various partner companies, in order to be able to produce the "most sophisticated Van funeral in the market." The patented transformation of design at European level, and the application of new technology in its segment - example, the Starry Night Technology platform - convert it into a vehicle reference, exclusive of our company.