Creativity. Project. Achievement. Single copies made ​​from scratch by our company.

First BMW hearse vehicle in Portugal

First funeral vehicle turned on a chassis BMW ( 5 Series Touring ) in Portugal . Incorporating interior ICELAND Model and an exterior coated carbon screen.

Irreproachable when it comes to imposing more notorious still talk of its rarity and exclusivity. The project was launched and aguarrado without fear for our team , raised a premium category , it is today a unique example of elegance and true commitment on the part of its owner, who can proudly say that it is of the few in Europe to have a car that delivers almost 200hp of pure good taste.

Golf Clubcar, First Electric Hearse in Portugal

Unique and original version of a reserved transport vehicle for short trips .

The odd idea in our country , emerged from an irreverent customer who challenged the traditional to the desired transformation of a golf cart in a small self- funeral motor driven 100 % electric . It is true that their autonomy is limited, but this factor did not prevent the same if it were to convert ( for over 7 years!) In the first funeral electric car circulating in our country .