Creative Lab

Was the platform created by the company to made innovative and customized designs. This creative laboratory embodies this reason, an organic structure development projects only ones adapted to the needs of the market and the individual customer's taste.

From design to material specification, the entire structure of the funerary vehicle is designed to the smallest promenor, giving freedom to the customer power defenir the options proposed and have a mirror vehicle of your company.

2015 was marked by the extension of our platform to an external company specializing in automotive design, this partnership, which will continue in the creation of future models.

Facelift service

It is the service available to enhance any outdated or obsolete funerary vehicle, providing the vehicle upgrade solutions, from the interior until the exterior makeover.

Curtains, par ts, stretchers, upholstery, ceilings ... a whole range of options aimed at modernization of the vehicle, combining the practical and economic way the vehicle used to stylized than most recent set exists in the automobile market.

Classic Restoration

Owning a classic vehicle is to own a part of the pasado; in addition to its historical value, there is the need to preserve and esteem, in order to be able to represent in all the aesthetic and irreplicaveis lines pasado. Its high rarity and cultural weight convert a funeral vehicle with more than 25 years, a destintivo unique beauty and notoriety among the oldest mournful company in the country.

The Willow segmentariza Brothers experienced a restoration team, all possible care options for the conservation and improvement of the vehicle, enabling it to last longer and active permanessa in its function.