Irmãos Salgueiro Certificate of Commitment and Competence
"Anthem to Homage"

What does it consist of?

The certificate is a document of internal validity and issued by the company Irmãos Salgueiro, which aims to recognize and distinguish entrepreneurs/managers of funeral parlors nationwide*.

What certifies?

It certifies the holder's commitment to transversally complying with the requirements implicit in the initiative, with the dimension of honoring and professionalizing the activity(ies) practiced by the certified company. This is the first document on a national scale to reward all funeral directors who bet on the quality of services, serving in the future as a distinctive reference for evaluation by the community.

What are the requirements?

The necessary requirements are:

Establishments governed by professional suitability and honorableness in the work of their activity, confirmed both by the civil community and by commercial associations, as well as companies with good practices.
Company registered in a grievous association headquartered in Portuguese territory.
Owner of a funeral vehicle for the Irmãos Salgueiro brand, transformed as of January 1, 2017, which fully complies with the functional and aesthetic guidelines of the so-called religious universality.

How long is it?

It lasts 1 year after its issuance. With automatic renewal annually, except for the withdrawal of the visa holder or the issuer's discontinuation opinion.

Who can issue the certificate?

Only the company Irmãos Salgueiro has the right to issue the document, its replication or autonomous printing being prohibited by law. It will have registration numbers and authenticated signatures. The initiative has been institutionally supported since 2017 by the National Association of Lutuous Companies, the Association of Funeral Agents of Portugal and the Association of Funeral Agents of the Centre.

* Irmãos Salgueiro leaves this dossier for analysis, noting that the project, despite being finalized and in the execution phase, will always be proposed to be altered in the interest of its partners.